PTV C - Granada


Granada is typically Andalucían. Taking life as it comes, Granada's 240,000 residents create a laid-back vibe mixed with the passion of its gypsy tradition.  Weave your way through the white-washed alleys of the Islamic Albaicín, explore the intriguing caves of Sacromonte, Granada's traditional gypsy neighbourhood, and the bustling Granada centre to discover the cultural scene's wealth of treasures.

Along with its one-of-a-kind display of Islamic and Christian architecture, the city is a stage for fantastic festivals and a hotbed of restaurants, cafés, museums, bars, and flamenco venues... just to name a few! With delicious food, breathtaking architecture, the scent of orange blossoms and jasmine, heart-stirring music, and so much more, a trip to Granada is without a doubt a treat for the senses.